DeGaspariStudies: clarinet, bass clarinet, pedagogic of music He studyes clarinet with Adalberto Ferrari at Scuola Guido D’Arezzo and gets diploma at Conservatorium Nicolini of Piacenza in 1994.
Same year he gets a suitable for Giovanile Italiana Orchestra and he’s invited to take parts at Wiener Klangstil under the patronage by Wiener Philarmonic Orchestra.
He wins some National and International Competion and in 1996 decided to dedicate his activity only inchamber music with Emiliano Clarinet Quartet within has an important musical activity in Italy but speciallyabroad playing fro many important musical institutions around Europe.
At the same time he start to studybass clarinet at Rotterdam Conservatorium with Henri Bok finishing studies in 2002.
Takes part as bass clarinet specialist in modern techique and repertoire, at following clarinet Festival:University of Bangor 2000 (Galles), Colchester Institute 2000 (Uk), British clarinet choir Convention 2001(Galles), International Summer Festival on clarinet Budapest 2001, International Conference on Clarinet andSax Helsinki 2001, 9° International Clarinet Summer Course and Festival Rasckeve 2002 e 2003 (Hungary), Corsi estivi Eurydice Levico 2002 e 2003, Basterclass Hoogezand 2003 (Holland), N.E.R.V. Clarinet Convention Utrecht Conservatorium 2004 (Holland), Conservatorio Teresa Berganza e Joaquin Turina diMadrid 2004 (Spain), Scuola di Musica di Capodistria 2004 (Slovenia), Meeting of European Clarinet Ensemble Ljubliana 2004 (Slovenia), Birmingham Conservatorium 2004 (UK), Royal College of MusicLondon 2004 (UK), SaxClarDag Drammen 2004 e 2005 (Norway), World Bass Clarinet ConventionRotterdam 2005, clarinet meeting Hoogezand 2006 (Holland), Vicenza Conservatorium 2007-08,International Clarinet meeting Gent 2008 (Belgium), Conservatorio di Udine 2009, SWIK clarinet festivalHoogezand (Holland) 2009 and 2010, FEEL clarinet festival, Heerlen 2010 (Holland).
In 2002 he founds “pantoduo” (E flat clarinet, bass clarinet) to promote Italian contemporary music in Italyand abroad.
Since 2003 he’s professor of bass Clarinet at the International Bass Clarinet Academy of Pordenone Italyand Bass Clarinet Academy of Hoogezand, Holland.
Since academic year 2007-08 he’s getting collaboration as guest professor in bass clarinet at BirminghamConservatorium. He did 4 cds and since 2000 he’s sponsored by Selmer.