Teacher: DeGaspariPaolo De Gaspari





Piano accompanist: Sergio LasaponaraLasaponara




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Spoken languages: Italian, English, or French.


The courses are aimed at professionals to learn and deepen the chamber music literature for bass clarinet. In addition, over the year renowned teachers will hold meetings and workshops about rendering analysis. The meetings are open to Italian and foreign musicians without age limit and include:

  • Individual lessons of perfecting the technique
  • Individual lessons with piano accompanist
  • Workshops and masterclasses with renowned teachers
  • Study and analysis of repertoire pieces
  • Learning modules of interpretation and development of new creative practices
  • Study of the performance in public
  • Chance to make concert experience

At the end of the course will be awarded attendance and excellence certificates.

During the year, they provided 8 monthly meetings, beginning in October. The dates will be agreed with the students.


Basic technique: works for bass clarinet and piano. Various proposals of the lesson, some of them with piano accompanist or only bass clarinet, are held on weekends. The program will be agreed with the teacher.


Contemporary Technique; analysis and study of chamber music repertoire.
The number of lessons, some with piano accompanist, are subject to the performance of at least 90% of the study program. Attendance is subordinated to an entrance exam, which will allow you to customize the training program, which allows you to customize the training program upon individual needs.


In order to enter the Specialization Diploma of the International Bass Clarinet Academy, musicians in possession of a regular diploma, must take an admission exam.
During the course the participants are held to support two annual examinations, one technical to half year and one final in form of recital of 20 minutes.
The admission to the final examination, second an appraisal of expressed suitability to unappealable judgment of the teacher, will be subordinated:

  • to the presentation of the artistic curriculum (the placing to an international competition or having gained a national competition in the section chamber music with the bass clarinet is title of merit);
  • to the frequency, which must not be below 9/10 of the lessons imparted during the course;
  • to the deepened study of the 9/10 of the listing pieces.

Both the master, and internationally distinguished musicians will form the board of examiners. Students admitted to the final exam (in the form of a concert) must submit a written application, addressed to the director and make a deposit of € 200,00 as examination fee.
The organization reserves the right to modify the regulations, if necessary.

Admission examination program
  • J.S. Bach: suite for Violoncello (two movements to choose)
  • A piece chosen by the candidate (study, piece for bass cl solo or bass cl and piano)


  • Bassclarinet & piano
F.Rasse Lied
Jules Semler-Collery Cantabile
Jules Semler-Collery Légende et Divertissement
P. Hindemith Sonata (from sonata for bassoon)
L. Sluka Sonata
L.Sluka D-S-C-H
O.Schoeck Sonata op.41
B. Soll Lumen
Zander Ballade
  • Solo Bassclarinet
H. Genzmer Sonata
R. Davidson Jump
Zander Capriccio
A. Bush Suite op. 37
N. Campogrande La voce delle nuvole che non ci sono più (Bassclarinet & narrator)
G. Brophy NRG
H. Bok Vihno do Porto Brasileiro
E. Dolphy God Bless the Child
F. Donatoni Soft
R. Piacentini A.B.E.G.G.
D. Lang Press Release
L. Berio Sequenza IXc
I. Fedele High
  • Bassclarinet & computer
S. Mauri Auschwitz 1944
G. Gioia Mirrors
W.Siegel Jackdaw
C. Tenan Bigliobilie
Michael Lowenstern Spasm
  • Bassclarinet & Band
K. Vlak Concerto for bass clarinet and concert Band
J. Hadermann Spotlight on a bass clarinet
L. Sluka Sonata
Final examination program

At the end of the course students must take an exam presenting a 60-minute program, chosen from the three-year study program.

The application must be submitted by filling in the online form

Download the program PDF

for more information please contact scrivi@farandola.it