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Spoken languages: Italian, English, or French. STUDY PROGRAM The course is aimed at both musicians possess a basic instrumental technique, both Italian and foreign professionals, regardless of age, who intend:

  • to know and deepen the chamber and symphonic literature;
  • to deal with technical issues and enforcement of the clarinet repertoire;
  • to assist competition training;

and includes:

  • Individual lessons of perfecting the technique
  • Individual lessons with piano accompanist
  • Study and analysis of repertoire pieces
  • Learning modules of interpretation

A particular attention will be dedicated to the control of the body, essential for the understanding of its performance.
At the end of the course will be awarded attendance and excellence certificates.


The course will take place in 8 monthly meetings, starting October.
Following dates will be agreed with the students.

The application must be submitted by filling in the online form

Download the program PDF

For more info contact scrivi@farandola.it